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income across ago looking marine purity city could go to quantico and they will get you in good shape. i had to do both boot camps and one summer. -- in one summer. i then went back and graduated in joined the marine corps. it was the most defining experience of my bike. i have all intention of staying in three years and getting out. as i got involved with the people in the leadership and the mission of the marine corps and what we're doing for the country and just the experience itself, i decided to stay. it was a great opportunity for me to serve the country. what i learned from that experience is everyone that you meet in the military and the country has something to offer. everyone has something to offer. everyone is capable of doing something. you are more capable of doing more than what you expect to can do. i always say that we always raise the bar higher. that was some of the experiences. people are extraordinary. the young marines were exceptional all through my career. >> your younger days were a bit different. i read eager up in iowa. he worked at a subway sandwich shop. >> i
's miami book fair international. he would discuss back to blood and it's taken the city of miami. >> my favorite program as "book tv." i also like the coverage of the book fares. occasionally they will cover lectures from different historians at universities. i thought it very informative. i like the diversity of the coverage. i learn about topics and made you would not encounter -- i may be would not encounter. and stories of the new south, that would not necessarily a pop up on search as i normally do. my husband and i sat there and watch it and learned a lot about the characteristics of a new versus old south. i also get introduced to books that maybe my friends and colleagues and not talking about. >> she watches c-span and comcast. c-span, created by america's cable company in 1979, brought to you as a public-service breyer television provider. >> president obama says the election showed the majority of americans agree with the the as a reduction plan to cut spending. the president has invited congressional leaders to the white house next week to discuss the deficit and warned abou
in the government and corporate and nonprofit sectors, including the city government of washington tv and the national mental health association and the national alliance on mental illness where she served as a chief operating officer. she is an ordained minister and she most recently served in the community of washington. seated next to her is patricia williams, professor of law at kobe university and she writes the monthly diary of a mad law professor column. she is the author of several books, including most recently, a family friend, and the search for the rim of my own. which is a personal collection of stories and anecdotes and biographies. next to professor williams is rebecca tracer. many of you may recognize her from her many television appearances. she's the author of big girls don't cry, the election that changed everything for american women's. she writes about politics and gender and has contributed to the new york observer, "the new york times", vogue, and among many other publications. please join me in welcoming her this afternoon. [applause] thank you all for coming.
which is what they were supposed to be in the first place. not just city but the whole country who understood the united states had deep respect for their lives. and this was not the old paternalism, this was partnership, because without it, -- partnership, that is -- without that partnership, rwanda would not have managed to get life-saving aids drugs to 91% of the people who needed them. good leadership. as it happens. with problems in rwanda, other fronts, but with this, they got the aids drugs by people provided by the united states. it's a moving story. and we are moved by such moving events. i'm probably here because of such events. but i tell you this. in the one campaign ours is not a soft focal lens. with try to keep our -- cold. welcome the evidence-based activists. can you believe that? the dry necessary of that term. i'm proud of the dry necessary. -- the dryness. evidence-based activism. yours truly. and i'm here to tell you that your heart is not most important thing. it helpst. but your heart is not going to solve these problems. if your heart hasn't found a rhyme wi
, the president will travel to the new york city area to view the storm damage, talk with citizens recovering for the storm and sank the first responders that put their lives at risk. the president will meet on friday with leaders of both sides as previously mentioned at the white house to discuss the actions -- >> that is the first meeting? that is congressional leaders? >> i have no other meeting to announce at that time. i can tell you the congressional leaders meeting will be on friday to discuss the action we need to take to keep the economy growing and reduce our deficit. thank you very much. yes, thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] guest: david petraeus said in a statement that he had shown extremely poor judgment in having the affair. president obama said that david has provided extraordinary service to the united states for decades. by any measure, he was one of the outstanding general officers of his generation. today, i accepted his resignation as director of the federal intelligence agency. i a
will be announced when they are available. >> new york city or new york area? >> new york area. >> earlier today the president queened a call with homeland security, fema chief of staff and other senior members of his team. on the call the president received an update on the latest response and recovery efforts in the affected area. he also heard from fema administrator on the latest efforts to meet the continuing power and fuel challenges facing affected communities as well as ongoing work of the governors and their teams for housing solutions for the families. administrator is in new york survey i have aing damage and ongoing response recovery efforts t. president directed his team to bring all available resources to bear to support our state and local partners and not allow red tape to stand in the way of federal support that can be provided t. president will continue to receive updates on the response and recovery efforts from his team. and with that i'll take your questions. >> thanks and welcome to the lame duck session. we just heard the president say two things, one is that he's not [ina
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)